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You’ve taken your business to the next level, now it’s time to take your HR department there as well.  Our consultants work with you to understand your organization – who you are today and who you want to be.  In working with your strategic goals and our customized plans we create a path to:

• Comply With The Law

• Grow Your Employees

• Develop Your Managers

• Elevate Your Business


What We Can Do For You

We are here to be THE leader in all things Human Resources.  Whether you are looking to get your company started or are facing challenges recruiting or developing leaders, our team is here to tackle those aspects for you.

HR Compliance


Employment laws are always changes, it’s important for owners and business leaders to stay abreast of current laws.  Our team can refresh on your employment policies/handbook or help design a solution from scratch.   We custom tailor our solution to you.

Talent Management


This encompasses all aspects of the employee recruitment and retention journey.  Whether you are looking to hire your first employee, having trouble recruiting top talent, or looking to better develop leaders, our team understands the evolving people landscape and how to help companies adapt.

Onsite HR Support

While the term “onsite” may be something of the past, it’s important for business to have a human resource for their employees.  We can provide ongoing HR support to companies who desire an HR presence, but don’t yet have a full-time need.  Our experts are versed in current regulations, leave of absence management, and MOST IMPORTANTLY will work to understand your business and support employees and managers, just as if they were your full time Human Resource department.

Leadership Development


As HR professionals we understand the time, money and effort businesses take to find good people. In today’s environment, keeping this talent is paramount.  We help businesses develop the employee base they have to be leaders at all levels of the organization.  

Partnering with business leaders to have maximum impact on people and business management strategies.

A question that is often asked:  When is a good time to hire an Human Resource professional? How big should my company be before I hire a Human Resource professional?…..Well the answer is, from the moment you decide to start the business.  However, we recognize that this position isn’t always in the budget.  This is our sweet spot.  Whether you have a simple question or need a comprehensive HR plan, we work with you to customize a plan that works with your budget and business objectives.


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